Fashion Accessories

1. a thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

Accessories in my mind are closer to the heart than clothing. They say “this is my lifestyle, my soul and my description of myself”. Put it with a tee/tank, great jeans, and a “blazer”, and you’re done! A great necklace/belt/shoe/earring freshens our wardrobe and shares our individuality.

They fall into 2 camps. The investment pieces that we choose for life, and the wardrobe accents that feel right for the moment as we track fashion “time”.
I unabashedly appreciate both!

80’s jewelry and belts started showing up in spring, but really lend themselves to fall clothes best. If there was one thing that the 80’s stood for, it was “bigger and shinier is better”, so it’s an easy interpretation in earrings that everyone can have fun with! With that said, “girls like pearl’s”, and they have had a strong reintroduction as part of the 80’s look.

Fringe and Tassels keep the 70’s organic bohemian look moving forward and create more of a sophisticated take against all the geode agate necklaces that have been around everyone’s necks the last several years.

Rose gold has been an option in finishes the last 10 years, but seems to be gaining momentum- it’s a unique and personal way to wear gold. My watch sports a combo of rose gold and stainless, and every time I look at it I love it more.

Patchwork, fur, color contrast, and sky-thigh-high are all new elements in this fall’s hunt for the best boot! So since women own on average 21 pairs of shoes/boots-
do yourself a favor and unload a pair or two that never really were your “go to” in the a.m. anyway, and find something with these details that makes your heart zing when you slip them on the first chill morning!